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We all know SEO is by far the most productive and long-term solution for traffic generation. SEO is slow to show its effects and results but once it starts to show, it can be a complete game changer in any business.

A common question about SEO: Does SEO really show positive results?

My answer to this question is there is a huge difference between good SEO and amazing SEO. Those who understand the ways to do amazing SEO, they will surely vouch for SEO as one of the most important business growth sources. SEO is by far the most sustained online marketing channel where your business literally starts to grow on auto-pilot.

Next question that pops up on everyone’s mind is how does one do AMAZING SEO?

Well, to answer this question we first need to understand the concept of SEO more deeply. Most of the people misunderstand SEO with just the backlink building job. The idea of such an SEO is so small that it wouldn’t ever need any digital marketing agency to help customers achieve their SEO goals.

SEO is an optimisation process which helps a website to organically rank high on Google rankings for one or more keywords. It’s important to understand that optimisation means a step by step improvement process and not an overnight transformation process. Specifically, speaking of Google search, its algorithm considers more than 200 different parameters while ranking any website for a keyword. Nobody clearly knows these 200 parameters and weightage of each parameter is also not known. In fact, Google uses machine learning to evaluate the weightage of each parameter.

This must be sounding tricky to tackle but here is a master trick which can help you work on most of these parameters even without know the exact parameters.

The trick lies in the underlying principle that search engines follow. GOOGLE WILL ALWAYS SHOW THE FIRST RESULT AS THE BEST SUITED RESULT FOR THE USER SEARCHING ON IT.

This principle is often ignored by most of the SEO agencies and they only focus on building large no. of backlinks while Google may be ranking many other parameters too which could significantly reduce the effort and completely negate the chances of getting a penalty (Sandboxed).

Based on this principle we are sharing 5 killer SEO tips for 2017:

1. Be Relevant: Your content, meta titles, alt tags, backlinks, directory submissions should be 100% relevant to your category. For example, if you have a website for real estate and you are building all your backlinks from a food website then that may attract a penalty or it may show a lesser result. This is pretty obvious as Google is constantly gathering the search data for the other website and it easily understands that backlink isn’t relevant.

2. Website speed is extremely critical as it defines the customer experience. Here is free Google Speed Test Tool. Check your website score and improve it by various optimisations.

3. If your business has a physical address then make sure you list and verify your business address on Google Maps. Websites that have verified listings on Google Maps tend to perform better than other websites. This is due to the fact that once your website is physically marked on the Google Map, Google will treat you as a genuine business.

4. Mobile optimisation is day by day getting important. Google loves mobile friendly websites. Websites that have faster loading mobile pages will have higher chances of ranking high on Google search.

5. Social signals are becoming more and more important Google ranking factor. A website that is trending on social media has a very high probability to trend high on Google searches too.

There are 2 more bonus SEO tips which you can avail by simply dropping a mail at info@webphantoms.com


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