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What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is an extremely important website performance metric which captures the overall user experience. Bounce rate is the percentage of single page visit sessions i.e. the percentage of visitors that left the website from the page of entry (Landing Page) without visiting any other page of the website.

How does Bounce Rate matter?

Since bounce rate is a reflection of the overall user experience on the website, it does directly impact the SEO of the website too. Higher bounce rates mean the visitor is probably not satisfied enough with the experience and the visitor did not proceed to any other page. There are numerous parameters that affect the bounce rate.

Some important parameters that affect the bounce rate:

  1. Site loading speed: Loading time of a website is probably one of the biggest sources of high bounce rates as people do not want to wait so long.
  2. Irrelevance: If a visitor landed on a page that he/she wasn’t looking for, the chances are they will leave the website right away.
  3. Call To Action Button: CTA button plays a vital role in increasing conversions and helps in greater engagement with the visitor.
  4. Intuitive website navigation

How to Reduce Bounce Rates?

The first step for reducing the bounce rate is to find the problem area. Google Analytics is the perfect tool to explore these problem areas.

Here is a step by step guide to identifying problem areas from Google Analytics-

Step 1:

Under Behaviour section click on Page Timings. Change filters to Avg. Page Load Time and Bounce Rates as shown in the image below. Once the filter is set out it will show the page loading time of each page along with bounce rate comparison of individual pages with the average bounce rate of the website. Here we find our first set of culprits.


Check out pages that are showing high bounce rate and low loading speed. Check those pages on various devices and various browsers to further explore into problems. Sometimes issue could be related with only with mobile or desktop and not on every device or it could be a problem only on one of the browsers.


Test out various solutions like reducing image size, improve CTA button, content relevancy etc. Here is a free tool tinypng.com to compress the images without losing the image quality.

Bounce rate reduction requires a constant effort of testing and exploring reasons for high bounce rate. Google Analytics can further be used to understand the cause for high bounce rate. Hotjar is one more important tool to track visitor’s behavior. It helps in capturing mouse recordings, poll collections and generating heatmaps. Hotjar can easily show lots of other insights that Google Analytics does not cover and it can be a further help to reduce the bounce rates and improve user behavior.

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