Improve Organic Traffic - SEO Booster Program Designed By Experts

We are a team of passionate Digital Marketeers with a clear vision to ensure the success of our clients.  Our team is headed by Digital Marketeer Himank Jain, who is an SEO researcher and a data enthusiast.

Our team offers varied marketing capabilities ranging from Data Analytics, Concept Building, Conversion Optimization, SEO, Social Media Management etc. We have designed an SEO program after years of research that helps in meeting your expectations.

You are more likely to beat your competition if you are using data to drive your business


This program is designed after years of research in improving the way SEO should be done so that it help clients to boost their organic traffic over a period of time.

“How does this Program work?”

This Program works on a modular structure where multiple SEO modules are implemented to achieve your business goals.

Module 1


Website Analysis: Site structure & Performance analysis for speed and security of your website.

Keyword Analysis: Perform keyword research and accordingly build Meta Information and Alt Tags.

 Content Analysis: Keyword mapping and adding density of your keywords and eliminating content duplicacy.

 Competitor Analysis: Analyze your rival’s strategy & building our strategy to outperform your rivals on Google.

 Category Analysis: Category analysis is performed to formulate a strategy for category dominance. This includes formulating an off-page strategy.

Duration: Within 2 weeks.

Module 2


Technical SEO: Based on the website analysis, speed and security enhancements are implemented on the website. We may require your web developer’s and server admin’s support to execute this step.

On-Page SEO: Based on keyword research, meta information and alt tags are added to the website. Keyword mapping is improved along with building internal linkages.

Duration: Within 2 weeks

Module 3


 Business Listings: Based on your category analysis and competitors analysis, different business listings are done for your business.

  • Moz Listing (Paid)
  • Google Business Listing
  • Foursquare
  • Yelp
  • Craiglist

 Social Media Listings

{Except Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube}        

We create profiles on various social media websites and post content on a regular basis to improve social signals.

{, Stumble upon, Pinterest, Reddit, Slashdot, Newsvine, Plerb, tumblr. etc}

Duration: Within 2 weeks.

Module 4


Link Building + Optimization: A comprehensive link building campaign is launched where links are drawn to your website through multiple activities like blog creation, blog commenting, forum posting, influencer marketing (if needed), PDF submission, image submission, video submission, social bookmarking etc. Link Building strategy is highly dependent on the category analysis.

 Monitoring: Weekly keyword rank reports are generated to monitor the effectiveness of the strategy. In-depth analysis of Google Analytics and Webmaster accounts are done to further improve upon the SEO strategy.

Duration: It is going to be an ongoing process. New keyword opportunities are explored and further traffic is improved.

Module 5


CRO is a data analytics-driven customer engagement module where based on visitor behaviour various engagement activities are implemented. This module helps in converting more sales and lead generation.

First we implement data collection module. This includes capturing heatmaps, mouse recordings, survey collections, UTM tagged URLs, Google Tag Manager, form efficiency tracker etc.

Based on the data collection we work on creating sales funnel.

  • Tools That We Use

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Webmaster
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Hotjar
    • Rank Watch
    • Ahrefs